Why you can’t find Hi-Vis Clothing in Cotton

You don’t particularly like polyester but for some reason you can’t seem to find hi-vis clothing in cotton. Ever wonder why that is? Here’s the answer from M. L. Kishigo

Our fabric vendors have not yet been able to supply ML Kishigo with ANSI testing data to support 100% cotton in high visibility lime and/or orange. The continuing reason they have not been able to supply us with this documentation is cotton has not yet been able to pass the ANSI Colorfastness Performance Test. Cotton is a natural fiber that does not hold color as well as say a synthetic fiber like polyester. The ANSI Standard tests in accordance with AATCC 16.3-2012, Colorfastness to Light Xenon Arc. This test exposes the material for 40 hours AFU (accelerated fading units) . 100% Cotton due to its natural fibers not being able to hold color, after 40 hours of AFU fails for colorfastness (fading) according to the ANSI Standard.

Need to purchase hi-vis clothing?

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