Grilling Danger you Probably Haven’t Thought About

With the weather warming up and spring in the air, it’s only natural to get out and start up the grill. Millions of us will take the cooking outdoor with burgers and hot dogs this summer.


Most of us realize that we need to be careful to not under cook the food we are grilling but there’s another danger that most of us just haven’t thought about. It’s a danger that accounts for more than 100 emergency room visits each year but it’s probably one that you haven’t even heard of.

The danger comes when you clean your grill. The problem is that your grill brush is made up of wire bristles that can come loose and end up sticking to the grill. The food then gets put on the grill and the bristles end up in the food.

Grill bristles can stab tongue, cheeks or gums or actually end up being ingested and causing internal injuries sometimes requiring surgery.

So protect yourself, your family and your guests by inspecting your grill brush before you use it. If the bristle are loose and falling out, throw it away and get a new one. Also, make sure you carefully inspect the grill after you used the grill brush to make sure that there are no bristles caught on the grill.

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