Driving Emotionally Impaired

Did you know that driving after you’ve been drinking and or driving while tired aren’t the only dangers when it comes to getting behind the wheel? Apparently getting behind the wheel when you’re extremely emotional (angry, sad, distraught, etc…) can increase your chances of being in an accident by 1000%. That means you’re 10 times more likely to get injured behind the wheel when your emotions aren’t in check.


According to an article by The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, any extreme emotion makes you a danger to yourself and to others if you choose to drive in that condition.

The findings emerged based on more than 1,600 crash interviews where researchers were trying to determine how much distracted driving contributed to accidents. While they found what they were expecting concerning driving while texting, reading, etc… it also found that people who were “emotionally impaired” also posed a very real danger.

So… is there a breathalyzer for emotional impairment?

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