“The Safety Guy” Movie

The Safety Guy R hi res

Have you heard of this movie? It’s the story of Australia’s worst serial killer Jack Ingleburn. His toll was 56 victims but what makes this story interesting, especially in context of this blog, is how Jack murdered his victims.

Jack Ingleburn you see was a safety consultant for a number of large companies in Australia. He apparently murdered his victims by removing safeguards, safety devices, lockout and slicing straps and other safety features that were put there to protect the workers he was supposed to be trying to help protect.

In his court trial, he put forth as his defense that he never actually murdered anyone. He claimed that they had all killed themselves because they didn’t run through the safety checklist like they were supposed to. “Each death or harm could have been simply avoided if those people just did their pre-starts, had a safety talk before a task, reported hazards and checked their safety equipment before doing their jobs, but they choose or where forced to chose to ignore safety, both of these are not my fault“.

The court didn’t buy his defense and sentenced him to 56 life sentences.

(Source: http://src0001.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/the-safety-man-r-rated-story-of.html)

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