Safety Glasses for Small Children on Tablets?

If you’ve got small children you know how much of a lifesaver a tablet, a cell phone or the TV can be at times. Your child might not sit still long enough to read a book but if you put them in front of a video game they’ll stay mesmerized for hours at a time.

Debates have raged concerning the merits or dangers associated with letting your children spend so much time with electronic devices and TVs but there are new studies that seem to point to the fact that it might also lead to vision problems later in life.

The problem is that the crystal lens in your child’s eyes don’t fully develop until they are older. It might not be fully formed until your child is three or four. The blue light from LED screens goes straight through instead of being blocked as it does in adults where the crystal lens is fully formed.

While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting children under 2-years of age to no exposure and children over 2 to no more than 2 hours a day, others are saying that just isn’t realistic. A better solution, the advocate, is to get your children to wear protective glasses that block the blue light.

If your children already has to wear glasses, you can get a coating added to your child’s glasses. If not you can purchase blue light blocking glasses for your child at


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