Snow Plugs Exhaust and Kills Mother and Son

Felix Bonilla had no idea, when he left his home that day that it would end so tragically. When he got stuck in the massive snow storm that hit New Jersey among other states this past weekend, Felix left his family inside the car to keep warm while he tried to clear the snow in order to get moving again.

No one seemed to notice that the snow was blocking the tail pipe pushing causing deadly Carbon Monoxide to back up into the car. When Felix when to check on his family he found his wife and two children unresponsive.

Neighbors tried to perform CPR as paramedics rushed to the scene. Mrs. Bonilla and their 1-year old son was later pronounced dead. Their 3-year old daughter is currently in critical condition, fighting for her life.

With severe winter storms this winter, it’s important for people to realize that the tail pipe of the vehicle needs to be properly cleared if the vehicle is running. Even if no one is in the vehicle, carbon monoxide can still accumulate and cause the driver problems when he or she gets back into the vehicle. Always check to make sure the exhaust is clear before starting up the car when there is snow around it.


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