New App for People who Struggle with Suicidal Thoughts

The number one cause of death among teenagers in Utah is suicide and it has Utah State Senator, Daniel Thatcher concerned enough to do something about it.


The State of Utah has created a smartphone app entitled “SafeUT Crisis and Safety” designed to keep crucial hot line numbers right there on their screen.

The hope is that, while a teen in crisis isn’t going to take the time to Google “suicide crisis phone number” along with their state when they are feeling suicidal, they just might dial the hot line suicide number if it’s already on their phone and readily available.

A simple tap on the app will connect them to a 24-hour crisis counselor whom they can talk to when life seems at it’s worse. Counselors can follow up with the student if the student desires. Everything remains confidential.

Presently only available in Utah, one can only hope that all other states follow suit.

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