First-Man-Up: Safely Installing the First Anchor On Your Jobsite

From the Guardian Fall Protection blog:

“If there’s one thing we know about requirements for fall protection during construction work it’s that, if you are over 6’ above the next highest working surface (or less in certain states), you are legally required to use equipment specially designed to protect you from falling; the second you reach that height, you must be protected. Not doing so, aside from the obvious physical dangers it presents, may also put your company in line for a hefty fine from OSHA.

We also know that a mandatory component of a fall protection system is the anchorage connector. Because, after all, all the lanyards and harnesses in the world aren’t going to help if you don’t have anywhere to connect them.

And at some point along the line, obviously, we need to install our anchorage connector in order to be able to use it.

First-Man-Up: Safely Installing the First Anchor On Your Jobsite

But wait a second…

We’re seemingly being presented with a kind of chicken or egg type paradox here…and it can leave a foul (sorry…bird humor) taste in our mouths. To work in construction at heights 6’ or above, you must be tied-off to an anchor point or otherwise protected. But to install your anchor point (the first one at least), you must work at heights 6’ or greater without being tied-off.

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