Booster Seats Rated for Safety


Your child has finally outgrown the car seat but he or she isn’t old enough to just buckle up in the back seat like an adult yet. Your child needs a booster seat to make sure that the seat belt installed is going to fit him or her properly in order to adequately protect them in an accident.

Fortunately the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has taken the guess work out of your selection process. They have now rated all booster seats to help you make sure you get one that does the job right. gives you access to the complete database rating listing the “Best Bets”, the “Good Bets”, and the “not recommended” booster seat for your child. They also have a “Search by Brand” section to help you see if that booster seat your friend is passing along is actually something you really want to make use of.

It also shows the proper fit on the car’s seat belts on a booster seat that is doing what it should so that you can check for yourself, based on your child’s build, height, etc… whether or not the booster seat is adequately protection your child.

Great site for all parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and anyone who is going to have a child riding in the car with them.

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