Beware of Ignoring Recall Notices

I recently got rid of my Suzuki Reno. It was paid off, I’d had it for over 10 years and it was starting to have problems with the transmission. I’d been planning on trading it in for a while so when I got the recall notices in the mail about a potential wiring problem that could potentially cause a short, I ignored them, especially since I hadn’t noticed any problem with my car concerning this matter. Turns out that was a pretty stupid thing to do even for a car that I was about to get rid of. Had it caused a problem I could have been held liable for not addressing the issue.

So discovered Roger Jacak from Waukesa, Wisconsion. His car caught fire in the underground parking lot of his apartment because he ignored a recall notice from GM that stated “Drops of engine oil may be deposited on the exhaust manifold through hard braking, increasing the risk of an engine compartment fire.” That, apparently is exactly what happened. The fire totaled his car and caused extensive damage to the apartment building’s plumbing and electrical system.

The apartment complex is now suing Mr. Jacak to the tune of $500,000 for failing to address the safety issue with his car and legal expert state that the owners of the complex have a good case.

The case has yet to go to case and Mr. Jacak has apparently moved and can’t be located. Pretty crazy to have to go on the lam for failing to address a safety issue that wouldn’t have cost him anything to repair.

Moral is that you need to pay attention to recall notices and take your car in (or take the appliance out of service). In addition to criminal negligence charges and being sued there is the potential that your insurance could refuse to pay your claim now that the precedent has been set.


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