OSHA fines are going up


If you were fined by OSHA at any point this past year you probably don’t consider yourself fortunate. When you stop and consider, however that the amount of OSHA fines haven’t gone up at all since 1990, you might see the silver lining in that situation. You can also be grateful that the fine didn’t come after the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 which was just signed by President Obama on Monday of this week (Nov. 2, 2015) because that same fine would have gone from $7,000 for violations other than willful and repeated to $10,616 and $70,000 for repeat or willful violations to $106,658.

This increase is implemented to “catch up” with inflation. Fines will, going forward, increase each year to keep up with inflation.

OSHA has been pushing for these increases for years now and it looks like they finally got it. One thing is for sure, non-compliance just got a lot more expensive.