Confined Space Guide Specifically for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business and you have confined space work that you need to do then you probably know the difficulty of trying to comply with OSHA standards. Fortunately OSHA has put together a guide to try to help.


The guide contains 17 chapters as follows:

CHAPTER 1 Confined Spaces and Permit Spaces

CHAPTER 2 Work Covered by the Standard

CHAPTER 3 Employer Responsibilities

CHAPTER 4 Overview of the Standard

CHAPTER 5 Identifying Permit Spaces

CHAPTER 6 Content of Permit Space Program
CHAPTER 7 Reclassifying a Permit Space as a Non-Permit Space
CHAPTER 8 Alternate Procedures for Certain Permit Spaces
CHAPTER 9 Entrants, Attendants, and Entry Supervisors
CHAPTER 10 Worker Training
CHAPTER 11 Rescue and Emergency Services

CHAPTER 12 Sewer System Entry

CHAPTER 13 Additional Information

In addition it contains an example of a permit required confined space program as well as a sample entry permit.

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