Putting Together a Fall Protection Plan


If you work at heights, you need a fall protection plan. Putting something together, something that is going to satisfy an OSHA inspector when they come around, isn’t so easy to do however. If you need a little help, a good place to start is the Guardian Fall Protection “8 Things to Address in a Fall Protection Plan“.

Here are the 8 bullet points:

1. Assess all fall hazards in the work area.

2. The fall protection applications employees will be working in, and the equipment needed to work safely.

3. Correct procedures for assembly, maintenance, inspection, and disassembly of fall protection systems used.

4. Correct procedures for handling, storage, and securing of tools and materials.

5. Training methods for the employees working on the jobsite.

6. The method for prompt, safe rescue of injured workers (i.e., your rescue plan).

7. The fall protection plan must be jobsite specific.

8. The fall protection plan must be available to employees.

Go to http://guardianfall.com/blog/gf-team-blog/220-8-things-to-address-in-a-fall-protection-plan for a breakdown of each of the bullet points.