Murder # 1 Cause of Death for Women at Work

OSHA stats tell us that the number one cause of death in the workplace is slips, trips and falls. What it doesn’t tell us is that most of the people who make up this number are men and that if deaths are distinguished by sex, the story is very different. Turns out that the number one cause of death at work for women is actually murder (while car accident numbers are actually higher, I’m not counting them because women who die in car accidents are actually not technically at work yet or have already left work).

According to an article in the Washington PostThe murder threat for women is different. Both sexes die most often at the hands of robbers, andĀ both also murdered at about the same rate by co-workers. But more than a third of women murdered at work are killed by boyfriends, spouses, exes or other relatives. For men, that category of killerĀ is almost zero.


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