A New Danger from E-Cigarettes


We’ve talked about the dangers of E-Cigarettes before on this blog here, here and here but the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has just issued a new E-Cigarette warning. Seems that when they are left in handbag and luggage they can overheat.

In a couple of different instances airline passengers found that simply switching them off is not good enough. One passenger found several items in her carry-on luggage melted after she turned her E-cigs off and stuffed it in her bag.

Because it is a personal electronic device that is powered by a lithium battery there is a potential danger from overheating.

A spokemen for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau is quoted as saying: “The passenger said that the safety switch on the e-cigarette was off. If the timing was even a little different, it could have resulted in a fire on board the aircraft during flight,

It’s bad enough having to worry about terrorists taking down the plane, apparently now we’ve got to start worrying about E-cigs as well.