Government to regulate “Pooh Sticks” now?


If you’ve read Winnie-the-Pooh for yourself or for your kids or grandkids (and if you haven’t why the heck not?), you know what the Pooh sticks game is. You stand on one side of the bridge and each player drop a stick. Then you run to the other side of the bridge and see whose stick gets there first. Simple right?

Apparently the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) doesn’t think so. They posted the following on their twitter page: “When playing #Poohsticks check bridge sidebarriers are safe height with no large gaps and structurally sound bridges with slow-flowing water.” A little later a second tweet appeared which read: “When playing #Poohsticks, do not allow children to lean out over sides of the bridge. Children should be supervised at all times by an adult.”

While technically good advice, the tweets were not well received.

The tweets were quickly remove so you won’t find them anymore because someone at the DCMS had the good sense to realize that the tweets made them look ridiculous, especially after their twitter account got slammed with responses that ranged from those who were outraged at the postings to those ridiculing the DCMS and telling them how petty and stupid the tweets made them look.

The DCMS further tried to apologize by posting this tweet: “Silly mistake on our part on the #PoohSticks tweet – we didn’t mean for it to be posted. Apologies all.”

Maybe the DCMS needs to have someone who proofs before they send out a tweet because co-workers don’t let co-workers post silly tweets.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to know how to win every time at Pooh Sticks a British engineer has come up with the winning formula at Someone else with too much time on their hands.

Don’t Wash Your Chicken

Do you wash your chicken before you cook it? If you do KNOCK IT OFF! That’s the message of a new campaign by the FDA. Apparently washing poultry before cooking it does nothing to eliminate any of the bacteria and, in fact, increases the risk of spreading it. Check out why in the video below:


State of the Air Website Lets you Know about Air Quality

Do you ever wonder about the quality of the air that you’re breathing day in and day out?

A website run by the American Lung Association called State of the Air might be able to help.

State_of_the_AirWhile the site wasn’t able to give me any concrete information on the area where I live, probably because it’s a little too rural, it was able to give me a report card on the air quality in King County where I work.

Report_CardCheck out the area where you live to see how clean your air is and then see how you can help make it better.


Conduct Your Own Accident Investigation with this Cool Module

Our friends at Convergence Training have come up with a fun way to learn more about safety in general and accident investigation specifically.

This particular investigation is centered around a true life phosgene fatality but the tools and lessons apply to safety in general. What the module does is to teach how to identify specific safety issues before they become an issue.

You can either download the training module as a zipped file to install and use on your computer during a safety meeting or for individual users or you can view and walk through the investigation online. To view the module online or to download the module simply click on the image below to go to the Convergence Training blog page.


Auto-breaking Stroller and more…

Strollers now come with brakes to make sure that they don’t roll when you don’t want them to but what about when you don’t realize you’re on a slope? Wouldn’t a stroller that automatically brakes make sense?

Using Volkswagen cruise control, these guys came up with a stroller that no only brakes automatically but did something even cooler. Check it out…


Video Exposes the Dangers of Social Media

Your teenager knows better than to meet up with a total stranger just because they’ve been chatting on Facebook, right? Your daughter understands that there are predators out there who are tying to lure underage girls, doesn’t she? She would never leave the house to meet a stranger, or invite someone into your home while you’re away or worse, get into a van with someone she didn’t know, would she?

Most parents would like to believe that their child has enough common sense not to “talk to a stranger” or make an appointment to meet with someone just because they’ve been chatting on Facebook or some other social media site but most parents are dead wrong.

In this video, Coby Persin sets out to prove to parents that they really don’t know how naive their children really are and the result is pretty astounding, have a watch…


The Dangers of Riding with your Feet up on the Dash


I’ve talked about this on this blog before, namely the dangers of riding with your feet up on the dashboard. We see it all the time driving down the road but should you be in an accident, your injuries are likely to be much worse if not fatal.

That’s what Benson found out the hard way. She wants to share her story with you so that you can avoid the injuries she suffered when the airbag deployed upon collision with a tractor trailer. Truth is that it could have been a whole lot worse. Benson is going to be okay, she’ll go on to lead a normal like. You might not be so fortunate if you’re in a collision when your legs are up on the dashboard in front of you. The impact might snap your spinal cord, killing you or paralyzing you for life.

Read Benson’s story here.