When Your Marriage Almost Costs You a Finger

If you’ve watched the Tonight Show this week, you have seen Jimmy Fallon sporting a bandage that covers his left hand and goes all the way up his ring finger. Jimmy joked about giving everyone hit fours after they returned to work when the writer’s strike was over but what happened to him is anything but a joke.

Jimmy Fallon almost lost his ring finger… specifically because he was wearing a ring. Because of his celebrity status he has been able to raised awareness about something known as “Ring Avulsion”.

Here’s what happened… Jimmy tripped over a carpet in the kitchen and in an attempt to catch himself on the table his ring caught on the edge of the table and almost ripped his finger off. Ring avulsion, which is the technical term for what happened to him, is admittedly rare but can be extremely serious. People have lost their finger, had the skin stripped off the finger, had their finger dislocated and any number of other minor to severe injuries. In Jimmy’s case his finger was only saved after a lengthy operation that involved grafting a vein from his leg.

You can learn more about ring avulsion by simply Googling it but beware of clicking on the images tab unless you’ve got a strong stomach.

Any machine operator will tell you that machinery and wedding bands don’t mix.

http://www.saferingz.com/ hopes to put an end to ring avulsion. Check out their site for an array of wedding bands that look like the real thing but are made of silicone.

Your partner may want you to wear that symbol of commitment on your finger but it shouldn’t cost you a finger.

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