The Fatal Quest for “Likes”

An obsession with getting others to “Like” your selfies is leading to an increase in fatalities. So much so, in fact, that the Russian government has put out an infographic and pamphlet that they are hoping to get out to as many people as possible in hopes of changing the “selfie” culture and saving lives.


Each one of the icons above is an actual real life situation that resulted in death for the selfie taker. In a desire to be seen in strange, mysterious and even dangerous situations (because such selfies inevitably result in a great number of “likes” on Facebook) more and more people are exposing themselves to serious danger and, in some cases death.

Russian youth are not alone in their quest for Facebook notoriety. Witness this tourist in NY who climbed the Brooklyn bridge to take a selfie, prompting police to have to come out and get him down. All he wanted was a photo of himself on top of the bridge. Doesn’t matter that it was obviously illegal and dangerous. Or even this trend of taking selfies with wild animals which prompted a law banning selfies with tigers.

Earlier this year Disney banned the use of selfie sticks in it’s parks because of the fear of injury from patrons taking selfies on rides.