Chainsaw Safety

ChainsawIf you’ve got a wood burning stove, if you have a lot of property and if you live on a farm you probably use a chainsaw on a regular basis. It’s a powerful tool that can make cutting wood a lot easier. It can also be extremely dangerous if it isn’t handled with the utmost respect.

Here are a few chainsaw safety tips:

1. Always use personal protective equipment when using a chain saw. Always wear safety glasses or goggles (you might also want to wear a face-shield for additional protection), a hard hat , hearing protection.
2. Wear chainsaw chaps make of Kevlar/Polyester to protect your legs and shins.
3. Wear a good pair of work boots that have good traction.
4. Wear leather or cut resistant gloves with a good grip.
5. Make sure you aren’t not wearing loose clothing, pull ties, straps or similar pieces of clothing  that might get caught in the saw.
6. Make sure the chainsaw you are using has a throttle interlock (A throttle interlock means that your hand has to be completely inside the handle for the chain to engage).
7. Turn the chainsaw over and look for the chain catch. A chain saw catch shuts the saw off if the chain slips off.
8. Make sure that your chainsaw also has a spring-loaded kickback guard (That thing right in front of the hand that’s holding the chainsaw).  This is another safety feature that makes sure that the chainsaw turns itself off if there is kick back toward you.
9.Always put the chainsaw on the ground and make sure it is well secured before starting the saw.
10. If any of the chainsaw safety features are missing or aren’t working, do not use the chainsaw.

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