CDC Launches New Prescription Drug Overdose Site

Did you know that “since 1999, the amount of prescription painkillers prescribed and sold in the U.S. has nearly quadrupled?”


Every day in the US, 44 people will die from a prescribed drug overdose. Most of those deaths will be from drugs that fall in the Opiods category with these four being the main culprits:

  • Hydrocodone (e.g., Vicodin)
  • Oxycodone (e.g., OxyContin)
  • Oxymorphone (e.g., Opana)
  • Methadone (especially when prescribed for pain)

Because the problem is reaching epidemic proportions, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has launched a new website to help educate people about the dangers of prescription drugs. The website is meant, not only for consumers but also for healthcare professionals, trying to help them understand how and when to prescribe these drugs.

Checkout the CDC Rx Overdose page for yourself

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