CO Poisoning Claims Father and 7 Children

When the power company cut off his power because of past unpaid bills, Rodney Todd Sr. bought a generator. He couldn’t just let his seven children freeze to death. Temperatures were expected to drop into the low 20s that night in Princess Anne, Md.

That generator would claim his life as well as the lives of all seven of his children (five girls and two boys) who were living in the house with him.

So far, Delmarva Power has refused to confirm that they had cut the power to the house saying that the matter is still under investigation.

You can read the whole story here.

Unfortunately, this tragic story is not unique. It is estimated the some 400 people die each year from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. To keep yourself and those you love from being a part of this horrible statistic please educate yourself. A great place to start is our post that dates back to Jyly 2013 entitled “Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Awareness Video

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