OSHA Publication on Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence


OSHA has just put out a new publication entitled “Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Healthcare and Social Service Workers

With the healthcare industries suffering around 70% of the significant injuries in the workplace due to assault it only makes sense that OSHA address the problem. Men and women working in the fields of healthcare are presently 4 times more likely to suffer injury as a result of workplace violence than are others in any other line of work.

Healthcare workers and social service workers are often faced with patients with mental issues, patients who might be on drugs and/or patients who are frightened and scared and therefore more likely to turn violent. Understanding how to defuse anger and control the environment in which they are working becomes crucial in helping protect themselves and others from threats from violent patients.

The 60-page document includes recordkeeping and program evaluation forms in order to make it easier to implement and track progress. Check out the publication here.