NIOSH Funding to be cut under Obama Proposed Budget

President Obama is certainly no stranger to criticism and opposition and he’s about to get more of both with his proposed 2016 budget plan, not just from republicans but from democrats as well. Estate plans, retirement, tax on the wealthy means the President is going to face a tough uphill battle in getting the budget approved.


NIOSH (The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) is one of the agencies that has been put on the chopping block. The proposed budget seeks a 15% reduction in funding for the agencies which employs around 135 full-time employees. NIOSH ( “is the U.S. federal agency that conducts research and makes recommendations to prevent worker injury and illness.” NIOSH claims that cuts in funding will set back advances in safety and ultimately raise healthcare costs.

To add insult to injury, OSHA, under the same budget, stands to get a $592,071,000 raise.

Selfies now a problem in Aviation as well

You see the selfies on Facebook taken by people while driving. It’s the ultimate distraction while driving and has contributed to a number of deaths and injuries over the years. Apparently the warning against taking selfies while operating a vehicle now needs to be communicated to airplane pilots as well.


A selfie, taken by the pilot of a Cessna 150 back in May 2014, probably contributed to the crash of that plane. Based on past photos taken from a Go-Pro and cameras it was determined that the pilot, Amritpal Singh, was in the habit of taking selfies with his passengers.

Authorities concluded that the flash from the cell phone likely contributed to spatial disorientation. The pilot  and his passenger were killed with the plane crashed.


The Cost of a Healthy Workforce (CDC Infographic)


Did you know that the costs of lost productivity because of chronic pain range from$11.6 to $12.8 billion annually? Or  that heart disease and stroke are among the most widespread and costly health problems facing our nation today. Treatment of these diseases accounts for about $1 of every $6 spent on U.S. health care?

Check out the CDC’s new website “The Cost of a Healthy Workforce” page for more info.

New OSHA Publication for Tree Care Workers


OSHA has just published a new document entitled “Tree Care Worker – Know the Hazards”. The document is available as a PDF on their website at

The document is in English and in Spanish and covers hazards such as electrocution, falls and being struck by objects. It is intended for supervisors as well as workers, outlining the rights and responsibilities of each.

Cost of Incident Calculator

Have you ever wondered exactly how much the incidents in your company are actually costing you? Maybe you have a hard time convincing management that the cost of the measure you’re trying to put into place is justified because of the amount of money it will save but you need exact numbers.

The folks at Safe-Staff ( have put together an online cost calculator to answer that question for you. Enter the number of incidents you have a week, the amount of timeyou spend recording, tracking and reporting each incident and the hourly rate the person managing the incident is paid and the calculator will give you a number.

Here’s a hint… the number is going to be a lot higher than you originally thought; in fact, with only one incident a week, your annual cost is almost 2 million dollars.