Spring Break Safety Testimony by Lucy Gradolph

Lucy Gradolph was just one of thousands of students who went to Florida for Spring Break last year like she had a couple of years before. 2014, however, would be the year that her life would change forever simply because she ignored a couple of safety rules.

Listen to her testimony by clicking on the image below.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break Safety Testimony by Lucy Gradolph

  1. Todd

    lets see..

    In this version, she reported it. In others, she did not.
    She has sexual postings of herself all over the internet, soliciting “bookings”. She has a posting from that very night, still up, that says “can’t wait to go back.” She is shamelessly promoting this so called incident all over the internet. That’s what rape victims do, right?
    No one has ever reported a similar incident down.

    Must be true.

    • Interesting insights Todd. The fact that she is soliciting bookings doesn’t mean anything. I have a friend who broke his neck and was never supposed to walk again. Today he’s walking without crutches or a walker. He’s soliciting bookings and wants to talk everywhere about it. That doesn’t mean that he wants it to happen again, it just means that he is determined to raise awareness.
      Not saying that I agree with what she’s doing or saying but I am saying that it might very well have happened and that warning women never to leave bars alone is good advice.
      I do appreciate your input and thoughts and it might turn out that this never happened at all (or, most likely, we will never know) but the truth is that the advice given is still good advice that should be heeded by everyone, including guys.

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