Why You Should be Worried About Birds

Pigeons, crows, starlings, geese, swallows… they seem to be everywhere and, aside from the occasional dropping on your car, seem pretty harmless. Truth is that bird droppings, feathers and remnants, especially from nesting materials, can harbor a host of different diseases. Bird droppings, feathers and other bird related debris can get into the ventilation system creating a hazard for working or inhabitants inside the building. Among the diseases that have been tied to avian fecal matter and debris are the following (in alphabetical order):

What to do

In order to protect workers and especially if employees seem to be showing any health symptoms, a HVAC specialist should be called in to check any and all ventilation intakes, including attics and crawl-spaces as well as flat roof areas. Any evidence of avian fecal matter or debris should be removed and the area disinfected. Additionally wire mesh and other bird deterrent devices should be used to keep birds away from the building.

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