New Trichloroethylene Safety Video

Trichloroethylene (TCE), is a volatile organic compound that is used primarily as a solvent to remove grease and certain types of adhesives. It is nonflammable and colorless. It can be ingested, inhaled when airborne or absorbed through the skin. It can also be hazardous and even fatal.

Now, a new 4 minute video explaining the dangers of TCE and exploring how to protect against TCE poisoning is available as a Youtube video.


The video was sponsored by the some of the following organizations and agencies and businesses:

  • EMSL Analytical
  • LA Testing
  • Clark Seif Clark
  • Zimmetry Environmental
  • Indoor Environmental Consultants
  • Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters
  • Healthy Indoors Magazine
  • Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
  • 2015 Northeast IAQ & Energy Conference