Discarded Syringe Clean-Up

Whether you’re going for a walk on the beach, taking a stroll through the park or even going into the rest-room in a restaurant it seems that the epidemic rise in heroin users is resulting in the increased danger of exposure to discarded and used syringes and needles to everyone.

For workers that have to deal with discarded syringes and needles on a daily basis, the danger of exposure to blood borne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis is something very real.

Fortunately there is now a great solution that allows anyone dealing with syringes and needles not to have to actually touch them.


The key to this very cool kit is the grabber/reacher which has been specifically designed to allow users to pick up syringes and needles easily with no risk of exposure. Simply position the tip of the tool over the syringe and pull the handle to bring the “claw” into contact with the syringe and it holds it firmly in place so that you can drop it in the sharps container without ever having to touch it, thus avoiding any possibility of contamination.

DSCN0786 DSCN0787


Sharps Syringe Disposal Kit includes:

1 Reacher/Grabber Wand

3 Disposable Tweezers

6 Nitrile Gloves

1 Hand Sanitizer

1 Sharps Container

5 Germicidal Surface Wipes

1 Germicidal Surface Spray

1 Water tight seal-able hard plastic case

You can purchase the kit here.

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