Protecting Your Deliveries from Theft

Just had a co-worker tell me about a relative whose package was just stolen right off her porch last night. She heard a noise and looked out just in time to see a hooded man grab a package from her porch and run away into the darkness. She called the company that was scheduled to deliver the package and found out that the delivery man had only just dropped the package off. Chances are the thief was following the delivery truck waiting for the driver to deliver packages.


It seems to happen every year about this time. With more and more people shopping online and more and more presents being delivered through the mail, packages that are left on the porch become easy pickings for unscrupulous thieves.

Here are a few things to keep this from happening to you:

1. Whenever possible, have the package delivered to your place of business rather than your home.

2. You can also have the package delivered to an address where you know someone will be home. Track delivery and let them know when the package is expected so they can be on the look out for it.

3. Opting for “signature required” will also insure that your package won’t just be left on the doorstep. If you aren’t there to sign for the package the carrier will leave a note letting you know that the package will be at the post office for you to come pick up and sign for.

4. Finally, opt for in-store pick up rather than delivery. You can still shop online and not have to deal with the crowds but by going to the store to pick it up when you have the time instead of having it mailed to your home, you not only get the piece of mind of knowing that you package won’t get stolen, you’ll also save the shipping cost.

Wishing you a theft-free holiday season!

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