Protecting Temp Workers

Check out OSHAs’ web page on “Protecting Temporary Workers” and the first thing you’ll notice is the ticket tape at the top. Scrolling are the fatalities of temporary workers over the past couple of years. It’s pretty sobering.

With Christmas approaching a lot of companies are hiring temp workers and OSHA has put a renewed emphasis on protecting them.

Unfortunately many employers don’t think of temps in the same way as they might their regular employees. Where they would normally make sure the permanent employees are properly trained in safety procedures, employers might take the “Oh, they’re only here for a couple of days!” attitude and forgo the proper training. This attitude puts temp workers at greater risk. Where everyone else on the factory floor might know what the hazards and dangers are, temp workers may not and it might result in injury or even death.

Spend a little time on the “Protecting Temporary Workers” page already mentioned, then head over to the J. J. Keller “Temporary Worker Safety” web page for an in-depth analysis of the problem and what can be done about it. While you’re there, make sure you download the “Free Temporary Workers Whitepaper”.


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