Leading Edge not Only Danger in Fall Protection


When we think about working at heights and devise a fall protection program we most commonly think about the leading edge. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only fall protection issue to worry about.

Skylights and roof openings are fall protection hazards that are often overlooked. Here area a few pointers from NIOSH on skylights and roof openings:

  1. Be aware of all skylights and roof openings in your work area.
  2. Do not sire or step on skylights – they may not support your weight.
  3. Read any safety decals affixed to the skylights.
  4. Use fall protection for any work that might result in falls.
  5. Make sure that all skylights and roof openings are appropriately guarded before work begins.
  6. Use nets, catch platforms, or fixed covers if guardrails, screens, protective grillwork, and safety belts are not practical.

For more information on skylights and roof openings fall issues, check out the NIOSH “Preventing Worker Deaths and Injuries from Falls Through Skylights and Roof Openings

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