CSB School Lab Safety Key Lessons Document

An investigation into three recent accidents at three different schools by the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has resulted in a key set of findings. These “lessons” are being recommended in educational facilities to prevent further accidents, especially in labs.

The results of these findings are available for download from the CSB website.

The summary, from the front page of that document are as follows:

Key Lessons Summarized:
  • Due to flash fire hazards and the potential for serious injuries, do not usebulk containers of flammable chemicals in educational demonstrations whensmall quantities are sufficient
  • Employers should implement strict safety controls when demonstrations necessitate handling hazardous chemicals — including written procedures,effective training, and the required use of appropriate personal protective equipment for all participants
  • Conduct a comprehensive hazard review prior to performing any educational demonstration
  • Provide a safety barrier between the demonstration and the audience

Hopefully, implementing these safety measures will help prevent further classroom chemical flash fires.