5 Steps to an Effective Lockout Program

From our friends at Brady, a free whitepaper that outlines 5 steps to Develop an Effective OSHA-Compliant Lockout Tagout Program:

Download this Whitepaper to get started on a 5 step plan that will help you comply with OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout regulations and keep your employees safe.

The whitepaper includes a detailed description of each of the five steps:


  • Develop energy control program
  • Written, equipment-specific lookout procedures
  • Identify energy control points
  • Training, communication and inspections
  • Provide proper protective products

Click here to go to the Brady website to download it.

Step-by-Step Guide to OSHA Inspection

Do you know what to expect when there’s an OSHA Inspection? Do you know what your rights are? What you have to do and what you don’t have to do? Do you know the best way to proceed when OSHA inspectors show up?

If not, there’s a short 4-page document that you need to download entitled “The OSHA Inspection: A Step-by-Step Guide

This document, provided by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, details your rights, your responsibility and more. Did you know, for example, that as an employee you have a right to request an OSHA inspection if you believe that your rights are being violated and that working conditions are not safe?

The paper details what you can expect before, during and after the inspection as well as what you can do to prepare for an inspection if you are given advance notice (It will also outline under what circumstances you’ll be given advance notice and when you won’t).

Download and read it now, before OSHA shows up because I’m not sure you’ll have time once they’re at your door.

In Case of Emergency Form for Drivers

Do your drivers have an ICE form in their vehicle? ICE, of course, stands for In Case of Emergency and the form in question is a form that outlines any and all important information about the driver; information that emergency personnel might need and which, depending on the emergency, the driver might not be able to provide.

You can download a driver’s ICE form here. Have each driver fill one out and keep it in a prominent place in the vehicle. It just might save their life in case of emergency.

The Hardest Places to Live in America

This is a pretty cool map. It’s a map of the United States with every single county shown. Mouse over a county and it ranks it and shows you 5 different rankings 1. Overall Ranking 2. Median Income 3. College Education 4. Unemployment 5. Disability 6. Life Expectancy 7. Obesity. or, as the website says it “A composite ranking of where Americans are healthy and wealthy, or struggling.

Click on the map below to go to the website and see how your county ranks: