Free Downloadable Safety Training Videos

Got a safety meeting coming up? Want to do more than just talk for 45 minutes and watch your audience’s eyes glaze over? In this digital age, most people don’t do well simply listening or taking notes; they need and want something more, something that will capture their attention and keep it, even if only for a few minutes.

That where video training comes in. You could purchase safety training videos and there certainly is a time and place for this type of training material but there is also some good free stuff available online.


We try to highlight and let you know where the good stuff is and, having just come across this site a couple of days ago, I figured I’d point you to  where you’ll find a nice collection of totally free videos available either to stream live during the safety meeting or that you can download to show when you need to.

Most of them are relatively short, between 2 to 6 minutes and many are available in English or in Spanish but they would be great in getting discussion going.