Updates to 1910.269 Electrical Safety Standard

July 10th, 2014, OSHA updated the 1910.269 standard for electrical power generation, transmission and distribution installations.

Main points:

  • Workers must be adequately trained and training must match the degree of risk that workers will be exposed to.
  • Employers needs to do an assessment to determine the level of exposure that workers might have to flame and/or electrical arc flash.
  • Employers need to provide an estimate of the amount of energy potentially present in any arc flash for any and all jobs that employees might need to do. They have until January 1 of 2015 to document these estimates.
  • Employers must additionally provide any and all FR and Arc-Flash personal protective equipment that workers might need for protection against the flames and arc-flash hazards. This must be done by April 1, 2015.
  • Multiple crews working together need to have one central person who is in charge of deenergizing and reenergizing or have a system in place so that only all crews together can reenergize lines and equipment.

For more information visit the OSHA “electrical power” page.

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