New “Hand Safety” Website

Whatever type of work you’re doing, you need to protect your hands. Whether you’re working in high heat applications, working with chemicals or working with tools, it’s important to keep your hands from harm.


Gloves make up a huge percentage of most safety distributors inventory and sales. Knowing which glove is the right glove, however, isn’t necessarily an easy challenge. Nor is it easy to get your employees to wear gloves at times, especially when it’s hot out and hands get sweaty.

Because hand protection is so important and because of the challenges involved in selecting the right protection, The Center for Construction Research and Training has put together a website especially dedicated to hand safety. is your new go-to site for all things related to hand safety. Divided into 4 categories the site includes a section on “Choosing Hand Tools”, one on “Choosing Gloves”, one on “Health and Safety” and one on “Training and More”.

One of the coolest features is, unfortunately, the one that is the most limited. I’m referring to the “Find Examples of Gloves for Commonly Used Products” under the “Choosing Gloves” tab. The idea is awesome. Select a craft, then select the type of job and it’ll tell you which gloves are best suited. Unfortunately, as I said, it’s extremely limited. The list of crafts only has 8 categories (Brick and Block, Cement, Marble, PCC, Plaster, Stone, Terrazzo and Tile). If you work in any other job you’re on your own.

The other section you’ll want to spend some time at is the “Training and More” tab which gives you a ton of material for training and safety meetings. With guides, presentations, videos, toolbox talks and handouts you’re sure to find something you can use.

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