NY Construction Safety Company Running Safety Scam

If there’s one thing that never ceases to amaze it’s human greed.

Avanti Building Consultants Inc., being paid by building contractors to have a professional safety inspector sign off on their work, sent out cooks, hairdressers, bellhops and musicians to pose as licensed safety inspectors. These fake inspectors, knowing nothing about safety, having no idea of what to look for, walked around construction sites and then signed off on work by forging the names of real safety managers. The real safety managers, mostly retired and, in one case, deceased, had no idea that their names were being forged on these documents.

The fake inspectors were paid about $25.00 an hour to do the work. Avanti Building Consultants Inc. billed to services at $100.00/hr.

One company paid as much as $412,000 for these fake inspections.

No one is reported as being injured as a result of the scam but that, it seems, is just the result of sheer luck. When someone who has no idea what he or she’s doing signs off on a document stating that the site is safe when it isn’t, injuries and deaths are just a matter of time!

Avanti Building Consultants Inc. is, of course, denying the charges and planning to fight them in court.

You can read the whole AP news story here.

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