5th Grader Invents Device to Prevent Leaving Children in Vehicle

A follow up on the subject of a couple of recent posts about children being left inside hot vehicles…

A 5th grader Andrew Pelham from AZ has invented a low tech, easy to build device to remind parents that they have a child in the back seat.

All it is, essentially is a collection of rubber bands linked together and bound in neon duct tape. One end hooks on the back of the driver’s seat and the other end hooks onto¬† the driver’s side door whenever a child is in a car seat in the back. When you get where you’re going and try to get out of the car the device blocks your path reminding you that there’s a child to take out of the car.

Watch the video below and then head over to http://www.ezbabysaver.com to learn how to make your own EZ-Baby Saver.


Way to go Andrew! There’s a future safety professional!