How Safe is your State?

Ever wondered how safe your state is to live in as compared to other states? You watch the news and you see tornadoes taking out whole neighborhoods or you read in the paper about the number of murders in Chicago and you think “Man, I’m glad I don’t live there!” But how safe is your state actually?


Using some 26 different key metrics to measure safety (financial safety, driving safety, workplace safety, community safety, etc…) Wallethub has compiled the list for you from the most secure and safe state in the USA to live in (Massachusetts) to the most dangerous and unsafe one (Nevada).

Check out your state and find out why it ranks where it ranks.

This is posted from WA which rates as # 19. Not too bad… of course as soon as that big earthquake hits of Mt Rainier erupts we’ll probably drop to the very bottom of the list.


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