4 thoughts on “How many violations can you find?

    • It might not specifically point to the violations but it does give a list that applies to the image. You do have to do a little work on matching them up. The list is:

      – Avoid cords stretching out over long distances.
      – Provide steps or small ladders for employees reaching for something high-up. Standing on (rolling) chairs is a disaster waiting to happen
      – Ensure a clear line of vision by preventing blind corners or cubicle walls. Simply installing a mirror strategically could do wonders.
      – Provide a grip in areas with smooth or slippery surfaces or where areas become slippery when wet.
      – Emphasize to employees that they should shut drawers as soon as they are done with them.
      – Inform employees how to stack objects, if needs be. Heavy items should be as low down as possible.
      – Provide furniture that is adjustable in order to accommodate the widest range of employees. Tables and chairs should be adjustable in height to ensure that employees can (literally) keep their feet firmly on the ground.
      – Train employees on how to use equipment.
      – Provide lights that can be adjusted both in direction as well as illumination strength
      – Minimize screen glare to prevent employees
      – Prevent boxes, files or other items piling up in a walkway
      – having to sit in an awkward position to be able to read.
      – Keep fire-sensors and sprinkler-installations in perfect condition to ensure maximum benefit should the need arise.

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