Drywall from China may be toxic

Drywall imported from China between 2004 and 2007 has been found so toxic that it’s creating a host of construction and health problems.

Among the construction problems are the fact that it corrodes electrical and plumbing; among the health problems, headaches and respiratory issues. Many people in affected homes complain of lingering nauseous sulfur odors similar to the smell of burnt matches.

This problem is only now beginning to surface and may have incredibly harmful repercussions into the future. Homes that can’t be lived in because of the health risks will go into foreclosure, medical bills related to the fumes will escalate, possible electrical shorts and plumbing leaks due to corroded pipes and wires may result in fires, shorts or floods.

If you have developed unexplained symptoms or if your home smells like sulfur or has a strange odor that you can’t identify and drywall has been installed after 2003, call a licensed contractor who is able to determine if the problem is your drywall.

As to who is going to handle the financial issue of trying to completely retrofit your home, courts will be busy for a long time to come. Already lawsuits are being filed against contractors, distributors, importers and anyone and everyone who might be in any way responsible.


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