Electronics and Benzene Poisoning

As soon as the latest and greatest smart phone comes out millions of us rush to the store to purchase it. Americans have an insatiable need to technology, so much so that we never stop to consider what the cost of this “have to have” mentality is. I’m not talking about the dollar cost, I’m talking about the human cost.

Right now almost every piece of electronic that you and I use has been cleaned and treated with Benzene so, when you are using it you are exposing yourself to Benzene poisoning. Above and beyond that is the cost in human lives in the factories where these smart phones, tablets and laptops are assembled. Most of the electronics we purchase come from China where factory workers work from 8 AM to 11 PM with no time off, exposed all the while to high doses of Benzene, conditions that would never be allowed here in the USA.

Check out this video to understand the nature of the problem and what we can do about it:


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