Warmer Weather Means Motorcycles Back on the Road

As spring breaks across the country (slower in some areas that in others) and the weather warms, motorcyclists who haven’t been as numerous during the winter start getting back on the roads.

As a car or truck driver, whether you realize it or not, you’ve slowly gotten used to not seeing as many motorcycles during the winter and so, you’ve stopped paying attention like you should.


Both motorcyclists and vehicle drivers need to take responsibility.

As a car or truck driver you need to stop and look both ways twice; it’s just too easy to miss a motorcycle with a quick glance each way. As a motorcyclist who’s feeling the euphoria of getting out on the open road again after being cooped up all winter it’s just too easy to drive just a little more dangerously than you would later on once that euphoria has had a chance to better tampered a bit.

As a motorcyclist, you need to realize that cars and trucks, having over the winter, gotten used to seeing fewer motorcycles, have stopped looking out for them.

It’s  kind of the difference between being a parent and a grand-parent. When my wife and I had young ones around the house constantly, we child-proofed the home, always watching to protect the kids from accidental harm. Now, as a grand-parent we don’t think about that stuff until 2 minutes before the grand-kids come over. It isn’t that we don’t care about the grand-kids, it’s just that in the normal course of the day we don’t have to think about kids putting their fingers in light sockets or pulling lamps down on their heads. As soon as they are around for any length of time, we quickly adjust to the change.

we’ll all get more and more used to having motorcycles sharing the roads again but for now we all have to make a little more of a conscious effort to think about it until it becomes more second-nature.

Cars, trucks… look twice and look hard. Realize that motorcycles can be hard to see.

Motorcycles… assume they don’t see you and function accordingly.

Stay safe on the roads this spring.

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