What is your car telling criminals?

They’re on the road in front of us every day, those cars with the stick figures in the back window and the bumper stickers that tell us how proud they are to have a child who’s an honor student at such and such a school. Just as bad are the custom license plates that let us know your name.

Your car can be telling criminals an awful lot about you and your kids; information they can use to carjack you, mug you or break into your house while you’re away.

Here’s an example of stuff that shouldn’t be on your car and why:


In addition, as I mentioned, if your name is somehow included as part of your custom plate, you’ve giving the potential mugger or carjacker your name. How many of us don’t turn around when someone calls our name? We’re also a lot more likely to allow a perfect stranger to get close enough to rob us or shove us into the car at gun point when they are telling us that they know us and back it by using our name. Let’s face it we don’t remember half the people we meet and just assume we’ve forgotten this person as he or she draws ever closer.

Take a look at your car and think about removing anything that might give a criminal an edge.