Idle School Buses Pose Health Risk

With the recent classification of diesel fumes as a carcinogen, we are suddenly faced with a number of new health concerns. One of these has to do with diesel fumes from idling school buses.

school bus

The problem is that children breathe 50% more air per pound of body weight than do adults. When, as is the case in most schools, that air is made up in large part of diesel fumes it means that they are, over the course of the many years they’ll be in school, being exposed to high levels of fumes that have been shown to cause cancer. That’s pretty frightening.

The reason that the air they are breathing has so much diesel in it is because of the number of school buses that idle in front of the school before school lets out. The fumes produced by all those school buses is seeping into the school and into the lungs of children and personnel in the building.

At least one state is trying to do something about this issue and many other states are hopefully going to be following suit. For more information about the problem and what can be done to fix it go to the Illinois Clean School Bus Program page.

Use the materials (posters, stickers, fact sheets, etc…) and take them to your kids’ school. Start local and see what kind of difference you can make statewide and even country wide.

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