New Standard for PPE

You probably didn’t realize it but at present in the U.S. there is no uniform requirements for conformity assessment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

That all changed this week when the American National Standard for Conformity Assessment of Safety and Personal Protective Equipment came out with ANSI/ISEA 125-2014.

From the the ISEA website

The standard establishes three alternative methods of conformity assessment, enabling suppliers, purchasers, customers, regulators and standards writers to match a method with a product or standard where appropriate.

All three methods include requirements for product testing, process quality management, market surveillance, corrective action and recordkeeping, and a standardized way to inform the purchaser of how the product was evaluated for conformity. 

For Level 1, the supplier tests the product in-house or at a third-party lab. 

For Level 2, the product is tested in a facility that is accredited to international standard ISO 17025, and manufactured under an ISO 9001-registered quality system.  Both Level 1 and Level 2 require issuance of a supplier’s declaration of conformity.

Level 3 of the standard is third-party certification, where the entire process from testing to surveillance is under the direction of an accredited certification body, whose mark is applied to conforming products.

The standard is available free of charge.  To request a copy or for more information, contact director of member and technical services Cristine Fargo.