WatchMe911 Phone App

WatchMe911 is one very cool app when it comes to personal security and safety. Once installed on your smart phone it might just become your favorite app and potentially a life-saver.


It has 4 different icons:

1. Monitor Me – Turn this on when you’re going somewhere you aren’t feeling comfortable. Say you’re going to look at a car that you might be interested in purchasing and you’ve got to go to the sellers’ home to look at it. A timer is activated and if you don’t deactivate it the contacts that you’ve set up on the app are sent a text message letting them know that you haven’t responded. Because the message is on the cloud it goes through even if your phone is turned off or you have no reception. This app is great for you joggers out there. Turn it on when you start and turn it off when you get home. If the timer isn’t deactivated, your contacts also are sent a map  of your location.

2. Panic – Once activated a simple double tap sends a distress call to 911 along with a map so they know where to find you.

3. I’ve Arrived – In an ideal world we always call our loved ones when we arrive somewhere, especially after a long trip. In a realistic world we don’t always have time. This app solves that problem. Tap the icon three times and it sends your contacts a message with a map and GPS location letting them know you’ve arrived safely. Great for business travelers, college kids, etc…

4. Call 911 only – This is for those of you who don’t want to pay for the other three functions. This one is always 100% free. It essentially functions the same as the “panic” function but it’s a stand alone function that doesn’t include the other two functions.

Read more about this app at

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