Mark Costello to Address OSHA

Back in November I asked the question “What do you think about this move?” at the end of my posts addressing OSHA new proposal to have companies post injury reports online and make them visible to everyone.

Mark Costello, the Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, although he didn’t answer that question on my blog (What’s up with that Mark?) apparently does have an opinion on the matter. He feels so strongly about it, it seems that he’s plans to testify against it today.

According to an Associated Press article posted earlier this week, Mr. Costello is quoted as saying “What is coming out under the federal government today is something which is unprecedented and unproven and, in my opinion, universally unwelcome. It creates an incentive for some people to be dishonest [and] would allow lawyers to solicit business, it would diminish entrepreneurial activity, job creation. It’s fraught with peril.”

While OSHA hopes that public posting of illness and injuries will make companies more responsible with regards to the safety and health of their employees, others see it as little else than public shaming. That’s not going to have the desired results, they claim.

The debate is far from over but it will certainly interesting to hear how OSHA responds to Mr. Costello’s statements which he was scheduled to deliver yesterday morning in Washington DC.

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