Winter Safety Tips (Part 3)

On Monday of this week we looked at general winter safety tips for children, on Tuesday we looked at skiing and snowboarding safety tips and today we want to look at part three of the winter safety tips which includes sledding and snowmobiling safety tips.

1. As with skiing and snowboarding, make sure that children are wearing the appropriate gear for the activity. These include a ski helmet with side vents so that their hearing isn’t impaired.

2. Always check your equipment before you use it and repair or replace torn, bent or broken pieces.

3. If possible, sled only in areas designated for this activity. If no area is designated, look for areas that are completely free of obstacles. Check the area thoroughly for hidden rocks, boulders and tree stumps. Make sure that the sledding area is clear of car traffic as well as snowmobiling traffic.

4. Contrary to the winter wonderland images on our Christmas cards, sledders should never lay down on the sled, they should always sit or kneel to reduce the risk of head and spine injuries.

5. Children under the age of 5 should never ride on a snowmobile, even with an adult. They should never ride on a sled alone except if they are being pulled slowly. Children under the age of 16 should not ride snowmobile alone.

Tomorrow we’ll close out this series by looking at fun in the snow (making snow forts, snow ball fights, etc…)

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