Antibacterial Soaps to be banned?

We’ve mentioned this before (See the blog post here), antibacterial soaps simply don’t work. There is absolutely no proof that they help prevent the spread of germs.

In spite of this, they seem to be everywhere, even in supermarkets and small stores for patrons to use to supposedly protect from germs. And therein lies the problem. Because the widespread use of antibacterial soaps the FDA is now looking at imposing stricter controls because the main active ingredient triclosan seems to be interfering with hormone levels and helping produce “super bugs” that resistant to drugs.

The FDA is now going to require manufacturers of antibacterial soaps to show proof that their products are more effective in fighting germs than soap and regular water alone. If they can not do so they will have to relabel, reformulate or remove the products from market.

Unfortunately this isn’t going to happen overnight. Manufacturers apparently have until the end of 2016, three years from now, to respond. That’s three years of these products potentially continuing to produce bacteria that isn’t going to respond to antibiotics and other drugs. It might be a little too little a little too late.


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