Sweet Poison, What you don’t know could be killing you

I don’t often speak about nutritional issue on this blog, not because I don’t have a lot to say about because I do, but because I don’t want to make it my own personal soapbox and try to keep it as much as possible about industrial and home safety as it relates to immediate and physical threats.

My wife and I are actually passionate about nutrition and the fact that, by and large a huge number of people are being poisoned by what they eat, breathe in and use on a daily basis because large corporations are most concerned about making money than about the health of consumers. A great place to start learning about health issues and why we are facing a massive rise in health related issues in the past 50 years or so is http://www.greenmedinfo.com/. I am not affiliated with this website and they have no idea that I’m recommending them so I’m not pointing you to the site for any other reason than the fact that I believe that paying attention to what they have to say could save you a ton in doctor bills, medical bills, drug costs, etc… if not your live.

Having said all that, I came across an article this past week through a posting on my facebook page that I wanted to share with my readers because I think it’s too important not to pass along. In a world where our food is increasingly designed to make us fat and obese, more and more people are turning to sugar substitutes to reduce their calorie intake (I won’t even go into the folly of that way of thinking. I’ll spare you the rant!). I have long preached against the use of artificial sweeteners. This article goes way belong the health warnings that I usually talk about. YOU MUST READ IT!

I’ll shut up now and let you read the article for yourself. Listen to what it’s saying. It just might save you health, you life or the life or someone you love.

A Killer In Your Fridge ~ Sweet Poison…A MUST READ

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